D.I.Y Chic Hex Nut Bracelet




I’ve been eyeing the Giles & Brother hex nut collection for a while.. but not the price.. ouch. So I decided to try and make it myself. I loved the look of the red large hex nut necklace and made a mini bracelet version of it. Once you get the hang of braiding and adding the hex nuts.. everything else is quite simple. You can find all the stuff at your local craft and hardware store. I bought all of my things from JoAnn’s fabric and craft store. The brass hex nut (#6-32) I bought a pack of 100 on ebay for around $7 with shipping. I went to Lowes and they didn’t sell it in bulk but I’m sure other stores do I just didn’t want to drive to another store. lol.


Here’s the tutorial:

What you’ll need:

3 yards of red leather cord (or you can use whatever color you like)

18 brass hex nuts (#6-32)

5 jump rings

1 lobster clasp

one pack of metal chain

small charm





my ghetto video setup! lol.


Hope you try it out! =]

❤ Angela.


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