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Bracelets are very trendy this spring and some of the ones I’ve been eyeing are from Michael Kors. Especially this Michael Kors Triple-Wrap Padlock Bracelet, Gold ($95) and the Michael Kors Double-Wrap Chain Bracelet, Golden ($145). I’m not saying I’m broke… ok, well.. I am broke.. and since I am saving up for a trip next month.. spending $240+ on these bracelets was out of the question. So off I went to my nearest craft and fabric store (JoAnns). There I was able to find a large gold metal chain. It was in the purse making handles section and I saw a pack of 12″ that was on clearance for.. 97 CENTS! WOOT! Sadly there was only one left. I already had a pack of thin metal chain from my previous DIY Hex Nut Bracelet. Then I went to Target and bought some belts. The two yellow and green ones were on clearance for $9 and the minty green one was $12.99. So this totals up to around $32.. for making THREE belt bracelets. If you have old belts already then this practically costs nothing. So, I set up everything and got to making these bad boys and there’s something about crafting and making these things yourself that zones you out and it’s just very relaxing. It didn’t take too long to make either. So.. watch the video below and see how you can make these double wrap belt bracelet yourself. =]

What you’ll need:

3 thin belts

Pack of thin metal chain

12″ large gold metal chain (the brand I had was Everything Mary)


nail and hammer