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These fortune cookies are easy to make. They make great gifts to give to your special someone on Valentine’s Day or just to eat on a regular Thursday like me.. uh what?

I got the idea from this blog: made them a lot better than I did.

2 large egg whites
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
½ teaspoon almond extract
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
½ cup flour
1 ½ teaspoon cornstarch
Dash salt
½ cup sugar
3 teaspoons water
Red or pink food coloring
Melted chocolate

Makes about 10-12 cookies

In a bowl, add egg whites, vanilla extract, almond extract and oil. Beat the mixture until it’s frothy. Then sift in the flour, cornstarch, salt, sugar and water. Mix until smooth.
Divide the batter in half and add couple drops of red food coloring into one mixture.
On a greased cookie sheet, add 1-2 tablespoons of batter and make a circle. It should be roughly 4 inches in diameter. This is where you can decorate it how ever you want it. Then place the cookies in a 300 F degree oven. Depending on your oven, it should take 10-13 minutes. They should be lightly golden brown on the edges. Make sure to watch them carefully so it doesn’t burn. When you take it out of the oven you need to work quickly! That is why you should do two cookies at a time. You can see in the video how I messed up. So with a spatula, flip the cookie and put your message in the middle. Fold the cookie in half and use a cup to bend it down the middle. Then place it in a cupcake tin so it holds its shape. If your designs didn’t turn out like you wanted them to you can dip the fortune cookies into melted chocolate and add sprinkles! Place them in the fridge so that the chocolate cools and hardens. Then enjoy!



This is great for people who have oily skin like I do. I am very oily around my T-zone area, especially my nose! Cornstarch is a great alternative to other makeup powders to suck up the oils and help mattify your face! For me, this lasts a lot longer on my skin than my other powders and has better oil control as well. Some makeup companies put cornstarch in their mattifying powders. It is safe to use on your face and has not broken me out.


The Pore Brush. This small facial pore brush is the #1 selling pore brush in Korea. After I posted this review on YouTube, someone commented that this is very popular in Korea and was on a show called Get It Beauty. I got the chance to try this brush and I got to say.. I understand why it is so popular! I love this thing. It is now a stable in my skincare regimen.


On the website it says:

  • 310,000 soft bristles with the size thinner than the hair, cleanses and exfoliates dead skin cells thoroughly.
  • Provides clean and silky smooth skin.
  • Densely aligned bristles for stable pressure for minimal skin irritation yet provides deep cleansing.
  • Comfortable hand grip.


  • Brush cleansing will revive your tired skin to glow, removing dirt, make-up, and even dead skin cells.
  • 310,000 soft bristles are densely aligned on the brush head for stable pressure for minimal irritation.
  • Brush cleansing will remove all dirt and dead skin cells and boost your circulation to increase blood flow to the cells to restore skin’s vitality.


It is VERY soft and it feels so good on my skin. It’s very gentle so it’s perfect for people who have sensitive skin as well. I compared this to my Sephora facial brush that I had been using and the pore brush beats it by far. Here’s a before and after:


I have very oily skin on my t-zone area.. especially my nose. I also have a bit of acne on my nose as well. But you can see from the pic above how well the Pore Brush cleaned my pores. It also gave it a little glow! When I was using my Sephora brush, it just always left my face red even though I gently used it on my face.  I explain it a bit more in the video below.


If you get a chance to try this, let me know how well it works for you! =]


The Pore Brush sells for $19.95

You can check out the Pore Brush at:


*Pore Brush was sent for review. These are my honest opinions

Some people requested for me to show you how I do my eyebrows. I have rather full thick brows and like to keep it that way. I think it suits my face more? Also, fuller eyebrows with a little arch do give off a more youthful look. Which is fine by me. {= ]


My mom was making japchae so I quickly got out my camera to film it. It was a bit difficult since she was going back and forth doing different things all at once and she doesn’t measure anything so I had to guess as best as I could. But in the end, it was so good! After giving half to my family, it was quickly gone! It looks like a lot but trust me.. it quickly disappears! lol. It looks simple to make but it is very time consuming. I hope you guys try it out and enjoy!

3 medium carrots
2 medium onions
3 cups dried shiitake mushrooms
2 bundles green onions
1 cup black mushrooms (optional)
3 eggs
2 bundles of spinach
1 package (1.1 lbs/ 500g) Oriental style starch noodle (called dangmyeon 당면) (Shirakiku is the brand we used)
garlic powder
black pepper
sesame seed oil
sesame seeds
soy sauce (we used low sodium)

Soak dry shiitake mushrooms and black mushrooms (optional) for about 2-3 hours.
Cut carrots into strips. Add oil to a pan, add a pinch of salt and fry in a pan for 3-4 mins. Place in large mixing bowl.
Cut onions into strips. Add oil to a pan on medium high, add a pinch of salt and fry in a pan for 3-4 mins. Set aside with carrots.
Get shiitake mushrooms and rinse it. Squeeze out liquid. Cut into strips.
Cut green onions into 2 inch length wise strips.
Add oil to pan and fry shiitake mushrooms for 2-3 mins. Add a pinch of salt and add green onions and fry for another 2 mins. Set with the vegetables.
Get black mushrooms (optional) and squeeze out liquid. Roughly cut it and add to vegetable mixture.
In a small bowl crack 3 eggs, add a pinch of salt and mix it.
In a pan on LOW heat, add enough oil to cover the pan and add egg mixture. Spread eggs around the pan to make a circle cook for about 2 mins or until the eggs start moving around the pan easily. Then flip over and cook for 1 min.
Roll egg up and cut into strips. Set aside.
In boiling water, add spinach and then quickly turn off the heat. The spinach will continue to cook. Once it’s all welted, cool in cold water to stop cooking. Squeeze out liquid and roughly chop it into 2 inch pieces.
Add 1/8 tsp of garlic powder, 1 TBSP sesame seed oil, 1/2 TBSP sesame seeds, 1 TBSP soy sauce and mix. Add to vegetables.
In a large pot of boiling water, add starch noodles and cook for 7-10 mins.
Drain noodles, rinse in cold water and roughly cut noodles (you can cut it with kitchen scissors if it’s easier).
In a large pan on medium high heat, add 1 TBSP oil, 3-4 TBSP soy sauce and 3 TBSP of water.
Add noodles and mix. Fry for 2-3 mins. Then add to the vegetable mixture.
In the larger mixing bowl with everything, add 1/2 cup sesame seed oil, lots of sesame seeds, 4 TBSP sugar, 1/4 tsp black pepper, 4 TBSP soy sauce. MIX.
Taste it and see if it’s needs more soy sauce. In our case, we added 3-4 TBSP of soy sauce and more sesame seeds.
Lastly, add egg strips and mix.
Garnish with more sesame seeds on top.