angela. 27.

korean. loves bread.

i make youtube videos.

Instagram: angelaminjikim

  1. Tiffany said:

    hi. you’re freakin’ amazing. I WAS WONDERING…if you could show us some of your graphic design work! that would be awesome.
    btw, you’re pretty darn inspiring. i’ve been thinking about starting a makeup youtube BUT i’ve been so iffy about the idea..
    but’re awesomeness is really inspiring.
    just thought i’d let you know.
    so if i ever do.
    i’ll give you a shoutout. haha

    • angelaminjikim said:

      aww, thank you! that’s so sweet. i don’t have much, but i’ll post up some things i have done. =]

  2. jk said:

    really digging your youtube vids. there definitely isn’t enough resources for women without the eye crease, except for some boringass brown eyeshadow crap. loving the colors!

  3. We stand for a certain World said:

    What do you do professionally? miss curiosity over here ^.^

  4. We stand for a certain World said:

    Love what you do btw, you seem so cool!!

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